Varsity College Bursaries

varsity college bursaries

Different bursary schemes are offered by Varsity College with the hope of providing financial support and assistance for the students in need. The academic bursary, for instance, is designed and intended for students in the grade 12 as their academic performance will determine their success in getting the bursary. The first year students are also encouraged to apply and they can use their previous academic achievement. Varsity College also offers leadership awards for students with outstanding leadership roles. These students can be appointed Deputy Prefects or Head Prefects or any equivalent role.

The university is also offering scholarships for teacher education because they believe that the future of a better education should start early. That’s why they are investing their energy and resources to create future teachers. Those who are interested in teaching can apply as the School of Education has set their qualifications for the interested participants. Participation of students in community, social, and sports is always encouraged in this university. Those who are active in student engagement activities have a bigger chance to get the bursary for their active participation and involvement. Anyone interested in finding out more about Varsity College bursary programmes are encouraged to visit so the know the details of each programme.

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