Transnet Bursaries

transnet bursaries

Transnet holds a big role in the transportation of South Africa because it is the largest logistical company that is responsible for delivering and transporting goods around the country. Their major lines are through ports and pipelines. The company was founded in April the 1st 1990 with the headquarters in Carlton Center, Johannesburg. Up until today, the company employs more than 49,000 people. The main goal of the bursary is to provide financial assistance to students with excellent academic records. The company believes that the future of their operation and well-being lies in the hands of these young talents. That’s why they always try to attract potential candidates to apply. Once these students finish their study, they can work at Transnet in one of the divisions.

The bursary is given to students wanting to take a full time academic year – or those in the grade 12 wanting to continue their study to a higher degree. If they have a good academic performance and promising talents that can contribute to the freight service, they are encouraged and welcomed to try. The candidates can continue their study in any universities that they want by taking any subjects they are interested in. The bursary is given for a full academic year and the continuation depends on the academic performance of the students. Anyone interested in Transnet bursary can visit

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