SITA Bursary

sita bursary

SITA (State Information Technology Agency) bursary is a government financial support and plan to assist and develop skills of the young talents, as well as creating sustainable employment and alleviating unemployment plight in South Africa, especially amongst the youth. SITA program has implemented and applied Youth Development Program and develop Learnership as a part of it. This bursary program is designed to provide financial support for young learners studying IT (Information Technology) within the higher learning institutions.

Any interested participants with disadvantaged background can apply for this SITA program, especially the tertiary students that have already taken the IT qualification. The bursary will be given from the second study year to completion. The program itself was founded around 1999 to provide the needed IT resources for the state. The main goal is to increase capability deliveries, obtain cost savings, and boost interoperability. SITA itself has been formed to leverage IT providing talented resources for the government, responsible for IT procurement, and also assist government in money management to support the IT services. All in all, SITA is responsible for the IT business in South African government when it comes to IT products and consumerism. Interested applicants of SITA can download application form here.


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