Shoprite Bursaries

shoprite bursaries

Shoprite bursaries or bursary program is intended for students interested in the subjects of retail business or hospitality management. The program is designed for talents who want to develop and grow their skills and knowledge in the field of information technology, supply chain logistic or management, marketing, accounting, retail business, pharmacy, and hospitality management. Each category has its own selection process (and its own requirements) and the successful candidates are those passing the requirements. For instance, candidates in logistic should get grade 12 with at least 70% standard score in the first semester. That’s why it is important to find out the details of the category subjects before applying.

Shoprite bursary program is open wide to various skilled and talents, especially those with great academic achievement and excellence. However, it is important to pay attention to the close details of the requirements and the required documentation. The reason for the various requirements and different processing is because the committee wants to make sure that only the worthy candidates can apply with greater chances of getting approved for the bursary. They understand that the skills for information technology will be different from the skills for marketing or accounting. Any interested participants of the Shoprite can always apply or look further in

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