KPMG Bursaries

KPMG bursaries

KPMG bursaries are available for South African people who need it. By providing services in 144 countries and 137000 employees, KPMG is able to support a few people for their education and besides, KPMG will be benefitted as well since the people who they funded for will be their workers for 3 years according to the contract. One of the advantages you get from getting the bursary is the value of the bursary since they will pay your full tuition fees, required books fees, accommodation and meals fees for certain institute of higher learning, and candidates will also get pocket money! The fields of studies you can choose are the following: BCom Accounting, Commerce, BBSience CA Stream, BCom Accounting Science and BCom Internal Audit – Honors. As for the requirements, all candidates who apply must be South African with valid ID number, the academic results must be send as well. Candidates must agree to study full time and complete their study within the promised time with minimum score of 60%. Don’t forget to apply before the end of September since they won’t be accepting anymore after the closing day. You can start working towards your KPMG bursary at

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