ISASA Bursaries

ISASA bursaries

If you have the passion of teaching, then ISASA bursary will be the right one for you. ISASA, as an organization that supports education, is looking for teachers with the exchange of bursary so, everyone gets the benefits, right? Well, let’s get onto the information of the bursaries, shall we? The ISASA bursary is available for those currently in Grade 12, foundation phase, intermediate and FET teachers but, the most important thing you need to know is only South African people can apply for the bursary. There are several documents you must have in order to get the bursary – you must submit the following documents: Certified copy of Birth Certificate or applicants ID Document, Certified copies of their Senior Certificate and Certified copies of their complete Academic Records (for university student), mid-year results or latest result and the year-end result as well (for Matric Student.) The other requirements you need to meet are English as a major and Mathematics and Science a s a major as well for university students. Tertiary students on the other hand must have English, Mathematics, and Science with credits. You get to pursue between Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or Post Graduate Degree (PGCE) for the field of study. ISASA bursary application form can be downloaded at

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