Investec Bursaries

investec bursaries

Investec is a company revolving around the financial services and products such as asset management, wealth and investment, and specialist banking. It’s a famous company which was established in 1974 and it has grown quite a lot since then. Investec is one of the organizations/companies that has bursaries programs in order to develop and increase the skill of younger generation, particularly in South African area. The fields of studies you can choose ranges – there is a lot that mostly revolves around finance such as Commerce, Economics, Business economics, Accounting, Investment, Finance, Bachelor of Commerce in Informatics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Science, Business Science, Science and Mathematics, and Commercial Bachelor of Laws (LLB). So, for those who want to continue the study by choosing one of those options, you can apply under several conditions. First, you must be a citizen of South Africa with the proof, of course like valid ID number. As for the academic, you must be currently at grade 12 or first year of University who is working toward Matric Certificate with minimum of 60% in English and mathematics while other subjects’ exemption pass is 50%. Your college expense will be the bursary’s responsibility – the bursary will fund you around R80000. Well – if you’re interested, visit this page.

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