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Dell Young Leaders Bursaries

If you have a dream to pursue your higher education without asking for money from your parent, then young leader dell bursaries is probably the best solution that you can count upon. This bursaries is one of the best bursaries available in the South Africa. There are hundreds of students who have received this

WITS University Bursaries

The application period for the WITS university bursaries is opening right now. So, if you are willing to continue your higher education at the University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, then this bursaries is probably the best possible option that you can apply for. Every year, this bursaries has been giving a lot of scholarship and

WCED Bursaries

Have you ever heard of the WCED bursaries before? In fact, this programme is one of the best bursaries that you can find in the South Africa. It is a state-funded bursaries for young and talented south african with a great academic performance. WCED stands for the Western Cape Education Department. Annually, the government of

Water Affairs Bursary

Water affairs bursary is probably one of the best solutions that you can count upon to chase your dream to studying in a university. In South Africa, there are a lot of bright and talented students who cannot pursue their higher education because of the money issue. This has been one of the driving

Volkswagen Bursaries

Those who have a deep passion working in the motor vehicle construction and industry would probably be interested in getting Volkswagen bursary. The company is always in search of promising new talents and skilled workers to help them with their business as well as contributing further development and achievement to the society. The bursary

Varsity College Bursaries

Different bursary schemes are offered by Varsity College with the hope of providing financial support and assistance for the students in need. The academic bursary, for instance, is designed and intended for students in the grade 12 as their academic performance will determine their success in getting the bursary. The first year students are