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South African Weather Service Bursary

South African Weather Service bursary is provided by students interested in learning more about the weather and want to continue their study in taking fields related to the subjects. It is a serious matter as the information about the weather can determine the overall life and running of activities. The Weather Service always in

Sacema Bursaries

Sacema bursaries is the answer you are seeking for if you have a passion for health related things – such as medical diseases, human condition, and a lot more. Well, there is a reason why Sacema is the perfect place. Sacema is the national research centre established under the Centre of Excellence Program of

Funza Lushaka Bursaries

Funza Lushaka is a program to help more people get the education they deserve and is supported by National Treasury through funding for the bursaries and National Student Financial Aid through administration but the head behind this particular bursary scheme is Department of Basic Education. The requirements you need to fulfill in order to


ETDP SETA, for those who don’t know, promotes and explains the importance of education and we can see that through the actions as well – ETDP SETA facilitates, trains and develops the education as well and one of the examples is the bursary programs. The bursaries fields of studies which you can apply to

Ekurhuleni Bursary

Ekurhuleni is also offering more education chances through the bursary programs! For those who don’t know what is Ekurhuleni, Ekurhuleni is a metropolitan municipality and the one who forms the local government of East region of Gauteng is Ekurhuleni. Anyway, onto the bursary – let’s get onto the requirements. You must be a South

David Morrison Bursary

David Morrison bursary is one of the ways to increase the human resources in Africa. It has so many potential and so, with David Morrison bursary offers, it will definitely help a lot – with this program, there will be more chances available. There are a wide variety of fields of studies such as