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Richards Bay Mineral Bursaries

Like RBCT, Richards Bay Mineral is also the world’s leader in sand mining and mineral processing, high purity on rutile and zircon, and producing titanium minerals – in short, Richards Bay Mineral has some really great quality products which made the company very, very famous. By being the world’s leader in mineral processing and

Phalaborwa Mining Company Bursaries

Phalaborwa Mining Company offers bursaries for mining related theme. So, students interested to pursue careers in mining can apply for the Phalaborwa Mining Company to learn more about mining – to prepare for your future job. So, what do you think? If you want to apply, there are several things you need to know

Petra Diamonds Bursaries

Petra Diamonds has bursaries programs to support the diamond mining industry by finding young generation with potentials to improve the quality of their diamond mining. Life needs updates after all, and the same applies to diamond mining. It also needs updates to keep up with the current technology, trends, and everything in order to

MQA Bursaries

MQA – Mining Qualifications Authority, offers bursaries for those who need it, specifically those who are particularly interested in core mining. There’s always a reason behind action – the bursary is intended to increase the number of students to take careers in the core mining area since, core mining needs more people to develop

Foskor Bursaries

Foskor is a fast growing mining operation for the purpose of making South African independent instead of importing phosphate from other countries and for the last 50 years, we can see the mining company growing and developing toward the better – well, since the company grew so fast, they need more employees with potentials,

Exxaro Bursaries

Apply for Exxaro bursaries if you are interested in mining – it’s a cool way to earn money. Exxaro, as a mining company, also creates a bursary program because it’s beneficial and they are looking for an eligible, best candidate they can find for a better company. Also, by creating bursaries, it will enhance