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Shoprite Bursaries

Shoprite bursaries or bursary program is intended for students interested in the subjects of retail business or hospitality management. The program is designed for talents who want to develop and grow their skills and knowledge in the field of information technology, supply chain logistic or management, marketing, accounting, retail business, pharmacy, and hospitality management.

Nampak Bursaries

Nampak has the record of largest packaging careers in Africa. Up to 13000 are building successful and a long-term career in the aforementioned company and what’s there to complain when you have a great, long-term job? This particular bursary will broaden the chance of you having a great, long-term job to survive in this

Clover Bursary

Clover Industries Limited is a foods and beverages Group with long, successful history in the business as the part of the South African development. As today’s one of the leading and competitive consumer goods and products in the country, Clover offers opportunities to South African youths to join bursary programme in various fields of

Bidvest Bursary – Trading and Distribution Company

Bidvest is a company for trading and distribution which has been listed on the JSE. The Bidvest company was first founded in 1988 and it has grown so much over the years with 117000 employees. Interested to become a part of the Bidvest trading company? There are requirements you must have before you start.

Barloworld Bursaries

Established in 1902 in South Africa, Barloworld is one of the leading distributors of trusted global brands. The company provides integrated rental, product support and logistics solutions. With the commitment of contributing to the growth and development within South Africa, Barloworld offers a bursary scheme talented South Africans in various fields of study. The