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Xstrata Bursaries or Glencore Bursaries

The good news is coming since the xstrata bursaries is available for this year. This bursaries is one of the leading bursaries that is given annually by the xstrata company for the south african students who show great academic and leader skill in their surroundings. So, if you are dreaming of studying in one

Tiger Brands Bursary

Tiger Brands is a foundation with basic principle of entrepreneurship and family business. The company believes in human strength and connection, focusing on individual’s skills, determination, and hard work. They put forward belief, charisma, and life fortuity. And the bursary is designed to attract promising young talents with hard work and determination while helping

Spoornet Bursary

Spoornet bursary is awarded to students wanting to have a career in the transportation. As the biggest freight transportation company in South Africa, Spoornet is proud to be able to contribute back to the society while making sure that they are able to reach out to the potential young talents. Spoornet is a part

Siemens Bursary

Siemens bursary is designed to empower the people as well as shaping the nation’s future and economy prospect. Siemens, after all, is a world-class company that has gained a wide acceptance and reputation. Every year, the company is searching for new talents and academically excellent students with bright future. While guiding and aiding them

SARS Bursaries

SARS (South African Revenue Service) bursary is a program provided to students with excellent academic ability interested in finance, especially taxation. SARS is the government agency in South Africa responsible for managing the tax collection and administration in the country. They are working together with Career Wise to provide this program to students wanting

Sapref Bursaries

Sapref refinery is offering a special bursary given to talented individuals with deep interest and passion in crude oil refinery. Sapref refinery itself is the joint companies between BP Southern Africa and Shell Refining South Africa, the biggest crude oil refinery in Africa, to be exact in the sub-Saharan area. The potential candidates with