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Department of Public Works Bursaries

Department of Public Works has some bursaries/programmes to support those in needs of education to get degree and diplomas. With bursaries, those are possible. The bursaries offer lots of fields of studies options such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Land Surveying, Geomatics, Town and Regional Planning, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying and

Denel Dynamics Bursary

Denel Dynamics is a division of Denel SOC Ltd that excels in the matters of advanced technologies such as weapons, tactical missiles, and more. The products are designed, developed, and invented in South Africa. Well, for such a big division, thy will surely need more employees – but a high quality one at that

City of Tshwane Bursaries

City of Tshwane was established when the local authorities whom served for the greater Pretoria and the surroundings of it integrated on 5 December 2000. Well, it’s been 16 years since, right? It’s one of place located in South Africa, being second largest of municipality in the Gauteng area. City of Tshwane offers bursary

BKS Inc Bursary Fund

Wanting to apply to BKS Inc Bursary Fund and don’t know how? Well, don’t worry because you’ve came to the right place! We provide information about the matter at hand. Let’s start with values to get you motivated, shall we? BKS Inc Bursary Fund will cover your tuition and residence fees along with your

BHP Billiton Bursary

BHP Billiton started out as a small mining companies that was established in the mid 1800s and now the company is an enormous world leader in the diversified resources industry area. They are operating in about twenty five countries right now and surely, they’d need more employees which are why they are offering bursaries.

Aurecon Bursary

Aurecon is a company with the main focus of providing advisory, design, delivery, and asset management services for different business sectors worldwide. To contribute to the development and to support motivated and innovative South Africans, the Aurecon South Africa offers Bursary Scheme is offered for students who study at different tertiary institutions in the